It’s finally here!  After months of hard work and countless iterations of mixing tweaks, we’re proud to present our newest album, “After Party”:

After Party Cover

After Party is made up of a couple of songs that were left off of the last album, as well as some new tracks that we wrote after Dan joined the band.  Together, we feel like this collection of songs really gives an overall representation of what Down By Five is about: reggae vibes, heavy riffs, melodies that get stuck in your head and most importantly, music that’s very conducive to having a good time.

This album was absolutely a labor of love for us – we recorded and mixed the entire thing ourselves – and with that in mind, we wanna share the love, so we’re offering After Party completely FREE for a limited time!  Download your copy today!

We hope you enjoy the record as much as we do, and we hope you’ll come see us rock these songs live this Thursday at Southland Ballroom with Ballyhoo!


New Single/Video – UNDERTOW

Today’s the day we’re dropping our newest single, ‘Undertow,’ from our upcoming album, ‘After Party.’  This is another DIY-style video that we pieced together ourselves using clips from some of our most recent shows.

We’re really excited about this track and hope you all enjoy it.  After Party will be released very soon, so check back for more details.  In the meantime, you can download a copy of Undertow for free from our bandcamp page: