Well, to say that our last two shows went well is an understatement.  The energy we felt onstage, and the interaction we got from the crowds were inspiring.

First up was our gig with Inspector 7 (from NJ) and Socialytes (from Durham, NC)  at The Maywood, right here in Raleigh.

All three bands brought out great crowds, and the combination of rock, reggae, punk and ska really seemed to mesh well that night.


We followed that up by hitting the road and heading up to Williamsburg, VA to share the stage with The Hostile Apostles, A 311 Tribute Band at Oceans and Ale.  For the past few months, TJ has played a couple of shows with The Hostile Apostles and taken on the role of SA, so since he was already going to be up there, we worked it out so that DB5 could open.

Live @ Oceans & Ale 111

mini-Live @ Oceans & Ale 144

Man, Oceans and Ale does it right.  If you’re around that area and have never been – GO.  Great food, awesome service and they play kick ass music.  We’ve requested they open one in Raleigh.

We can’t say enough about all of the promotion that O&A did leading up to this show, and The Hostile Apostles brought a ton of people down from DC as well, so this place was ready to go before we even hit the stage.

Even though we were only playing a short set, we felt the love before we were finished with our opener.  The crowd was fantastic, and definitely had us amped the whole time.  We also got into the 311-fun by throwing in a cover of our own:

After we wrapped up, we got to jam out to 311 tunes for the rest of the night, courtesy of The Hostile Apostles, and they didn’t disappoint.

mini-Live @ Oceans & Ale 231

Both shows were a total blast, and they’ve really gotten us motivated to get this train rolling.  We’re in the final stages of wrapping up our new album, and we’re working on lining up more shows in the coming months so we can share it with you all.

See everyone soon!  Cheers!!

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